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To thank you for your continued support we prolong our reduced prices campaign till the end of January 2016.

New items are to be posted next week. Stay tuned!

HAPPY HOLIDAYS news update 16/12/2015 0:03:48

As 2015 comes to a close, we would like to take a moment to thank you for your devotion throughout the year and for your continued support during the last 30 years.

From December 17. till January 16. the 242 collection is available at reduced prices for you, 242 fans, only!

Front 242 and Transmission 242 wish you lots of happiness in 2016. May the 242 force remain strong.

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Have you checked out our limited edition 242 armband in the section 242 collections yet or the military cap

More new 242 stuff in the T-shirt section.
2008 BELPOP DOCUMENTARY SUBTITLED IN ENGLISH news update 23/06/2015 23:23:50
LIVE GIGS news update 13/08/2012 16:55:18

Check out the updated live calendar for 2015.
First dates for 2015 now

news update 19/05/2015 23:07:52
Don't miss FRONT 242 in Paris or Brest on May 29. and 30. 2015.

May 29. 2015
France_Paris_La Machine Du Moulin Rouge
Guests:NerveNet & Parade Ground

May 30. 2015
France_Brest_La Carène

AMPHI ZIEHT UM – WIR ZIEHEN MIT ! news update 8/12/2014 22:31:32


July 25. 2015
Germany_Köln_Amphi Festival

Pre-sale now open

The Netherlands

30 YEARS TECHNO CLUB FEATURING PATRICK CODENYS news update 22/12/2014 23:19:12
Date: December 28. 2014
Venue: Moon
Location: Carl-Benz-Strasse 21_Frankfurt am Main_Germany
Doors: 10 PM

COCKSURE. TVMALSV. news update 6/07/2014 17:26:18
First new Wax Trax! release in almost twenty years: Cocksure's "TKO Mindfuck" featuring Richard 23 out now!

Order here

NEW STUFF news update 10/06/2014 19:44:29
Have you checked out our limited rebooted vintage T-shirt Punish your machine yet and other 242 stuff?

Other new arrivals to be announced soon.

AMPHI FESTIVAL KOLN 26.07.2014 news update 21/07/2014 15:26:27
During the AMPHI FESTIVAL in Köln on July 26th, TRANSMISSION 242 will have a special vintage booth holding not-to-miss old-school FRONT 242 t-shirts, lithographs and other exceptional items. The shop will be opened on Saturday only from 10 AM to 6.30 PM. Don't miss out!
RENCONTRE AVEC JEAN-LUC DE MEYER news update 10/03/2014 18:20:05
Rencontre avec Jean-Luc De Meyer: musique électronique, poésie, science-fiction et contraintes formelles.

Date: 21 mars 2014 - 18h30
Lieu: PointCulture_Rue Royale 145_Bruxelles_Belgique

Date: 22 mars 2014 - 15h30
Lieu: PointCulture_Rue de l'Official 1-5_Liège_Belgique


ZuluBash by Dave i.d. remixed by Patrick Codenys news update 16/02/2014 19:26:26
ZuluBash by Dave i.d._Original track

ZuluBash by Dave i.d._Remixed track by Patrick Codenys
Work 242 news update 30/01/2014 17:43:41
The band is winding up for the German tour.
What about you? Don't miss out and check the calendar!
FRONT 242 LIVE IN MEXICO news update 7/01/2014 22:55:04
In the mood for 242?
Make sure not to miss this years Mexican live gigs
news update 29/12/2013 18:41:22
We thank you for your support in 2013 and wish you a happy New Year!
See you in 2014!
Front 242 & Transmission 242
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Check out the brand new 242 T-shirts and 242 armband in the section 242 collections.

UNDERVIEWER - NOTHING BUT NOISE news update 25/10/2013 12:34:03
UNDERVIEWER (Patrick Codenys & Jean-Luc De Meyer) and NOTHING BUT NOISE (Daniel B. & Dirk Bergen) are to play at the XIIth edition of the Wroclaw Industrial Festival in Poland on November 8 & 9. 2013.




WALPOP 2013 news update 29/08/2013 0:08:37
In the mood for 242?

Make sure not to miss the Walpop festival in Laneffe then on October 12th.

The organisers of the 2010 Rock Heure Festival in Silenrieux (Belgium) launch the first edition of Walpop. Come and join Front 242 and the after 80's party in Laneffe on October 12th.

Ticket reservation and festival line-up via the

Still not convinced? Watch this:
"> Live footage by Helmut Antoine

REWIND-easter-FEST news update 2/03/2013 17:04:27
Join TRANSMISSION 242 at the Vooruit in Gent on April 12. and 13. 2013 at the upcoming Rewind Easter Festival featuring Underviewer, VNV Nation, The Neon Judgement, The Klinik, Red Zebra, Vomito Negro and many others.

The TRANSMISSION 242 booth will hold not-to-miss old-school FRONT 242 items.

Check out the other New Wave Classix Events

news update 26/12/2012 11:58:29


HAPPY 2013!

CLUB NEW WAVE - 20.10.2012 - ANDERLECHT (BELGIUM) news update 16/09/2012 19:03:00
For many years, Richard 23 is djing with Coder23 but this time he is to play a special pure new wave set. « New Wave started in 78, right after the Punk rage, and back then the genre would cover and include a lot of different sounds and directions. To Richard New Wave is more than just « A Forest », « Love Like Blood » or « Don’t you Forget About Me ». So he’ll play some of the forgotten New Wave tracks that most of us know but never really ear anymore in New Wave parties nowodays ».

Join the party

NOTHING BUT NOISE news update 15/04/2012 23:30:21
20 years in the making, Nothing But Noise, the trio led by Front 242 mastermind Daniel B and featuring original Front 242 member Dirk Bergen and Erwin Jadot, finally release their debut album ‘Not Bleeding Red’ on UK independent Future Noise Music.

Borne from a deep love of analogue synthesizers and inspired by the likes of Manuel Gottching, Tangerine Dream’s early albums and Bowie’s Berlin period, ‘Not Bleeding Red’ is an album that fully deserves its place in the long and distinguished history of European synth acts.

Created in Daniel B’s studio the album features an array of rare and vintage analogue synthesizers such as the Moog Voyager, Prophet8, Juno 106 and Arp Odyssey. No nostalgia fest though, the album also explores the possibilities afforded by today’s new breed of analogue synthesizers. It’s lineage might be clear but this is an album that looks forward, respectful of the past but not in its thrall.

‘Not Bleeding Red’ is an expansive affair, an album in love with sound itself and tracks such as the elegiac nearly 19 minute long ‘CK’ are given time to evolve and develop in stately fashion, unfolding like some grand cosmic ballet.

Uncompromising and haunting, this is an album that conjures up vast vistas of space, both cold and beautiful at the same time.

Having honed the Nothing But Noise sound over the course of two decades and a series of critically acclaimed live performances, ‘Not Bleeding Red’ is the culmination of a lifetime’s obsession with synthesized sound and a timeless example of how raw circuit boards can produce something stunningly beautiful.

A fully realised concept ‘Not Bleeding Red’ arrives in sumptuous packaging, complete with accompanying iPad screens and desktop wallpapers, all designed and produced by Daniel B himself. The album will be released digitally, on double vinyl and in a 2CD edition.

Check out the shop section. The 2CD edition as well as the exclusive red edition of the double vinyl are yet available!

Don't miss out on NBN!
LIVE BREAK news update 23/01/2012 23:32:46
Front 242 have decided not to perform in Europe after May 1. 2012 until further notice. Therefore, Front 242 will not perform at the Amphi Festival 2012 in Köln nor will they play Noctural Culture Night 2012 Festival in Deutzen. The festival promoters of both festivals are not responsible for this decision. The last performances for 2012 will take place in Malmo, Stockholm, Goteborg, Charleroi and Budapest.
NOTHING BUT NOISE news update 12/10/2011 22:56:19
For the upcoming live concerts Nothing But Noise (Daniel B., Dirk Bergen, Erwin Jadot) have signed a partnership deal with Audioxl and Soundcraft.
On stage the band will be using a Virus TI2 and two TI Polar, a Prophet 08 and Cubase on Mac Pro with Edirol UA 101 interface and Soundcraft Si Compact 24 / Avalon 747 on master insert.
Nothing But Noise

For upcoming concerts see live section
HOUSTON WE HAVE A PROBLEM news update 28/11/2011 23:14:44
Front 242 were to perform in Houston at Numbers but due to the untrustworthiness of the promoter, the band has to cancel the show. After several attempts to contact the promoter, the band never received a reply. Front 242 regret that the Houston concert has to be cancelled. Fans with tickets for the 242 show should get a refund... but we have no power to guarantee this. A special thanks goes to the numerous fans for their tip-offs! It's much appreciated.
HAPPY HOLIDAYS news update 1/01/2012
Thanks to all of our devoted fans for continuing to support the band. May the music be with you now and forever!
EUROPUNK news update 21/10/2011 11:26:02
Dès le 22 octobre, vêtements, fanzines, pochettes de disques, affiches, tracts, dessins, films, collages, réalisés par des célébrités comme par des anonymes, s’afficheront au B.P.S.22. Des collectors et inédits, sortis des réserves de plusieurs collections privées et publiques, proposeront un concentré de la culture visuelle punk en Europe, au plus fort de son développement.

En insistant sur l’incroyable qualité et vitalité de ces modes alternatifs de production artistique, l’exposition invite à découvrir comment la contre-culture du punk a pu incarner à la fois le désir de faire table rase du passé et une volonté de renouveau culturel profond. Ce mouvement reste en effet synonyme d’une énergie neuve et d’un principe de liberté créatrice maximale, aux racines politiques complexes et aux effets sociaux et artistiques étendus.

EUROPUNK rassemble plus de 460 œuvres, documents, objets, etc., produits entre 1976 et 1980. La présentation de Charleroi sera rehaussée d’une création sonore spécifique de Patrick Codenys, qui proposera une installation inspirée de ses propres souvenirs du punk.

Lieu: B.P.S.22 - Boulevard Solvay 22- 6000 Charleroi - Belgium
Exposition: du 22 octobre 2011 au 22 janvier 2012 - Du mercredi au dimanche, de 12.00 à 18.00
Tarif: 3 €

32 CRASH news update 21/10/2011 13:12:16
32 CRASH are proud to present their newborn"Y2112Y".
Check them out: Website

BIMFEST 2011 - DECEMBER 16-17.2011 news update 11/09/2011 23:24:21
BIMFEST 2011 featuring Front 242, Severed Heads, Section 25, Clock DVA, Pouppee Fabrikk, Suicide Commando and many more...
Date: December 16 - 17 2011
ROCK HEURE FESTIVAL - NOVEMBER 5. 2011 news update 9/10/2011 16:10:57
The Rock Heure Festival has the pleasure to welcome RICHARD 23 and Patrick CODENYS for an exceptional 4 hour DJ Set during which they will explore their musical background.
Date: November 5. 2011
Doors: 20.30 CET
DJ Set: 22.30 CET

SINNER'S DAY - OCTOBER 30. 2011 news update 11/09/2011 23:15:26
Sinner's Day Festival featuring Front 242, Patti Smith, The Cult, The Mission, The Psychedelic Furs, Blancmange, Recoil, Visage, KMFDM and many more...
Date: October 30. 2011 - Doors: 11:30 CET

BODY FARM FESTIVAL - OCTOBER 14. 2011 news update 4/08/2011 19:32:03
Body Farm Festival Chapter II featuring Parade Ground, Underviewer (first band of Patrick Codenys and Jean-Luc De Meyer), Nothing But Noise (Daniel B. Dirk Bergen and Erwin Jadot), Dive, and many more...)
Date: October 14. 2011 - 20:00 CET
Date: August 26 & 27. 2011

WORKSHOP - JULY 28 & 29. 2011 news update 18/07/2011 23:37:26
Patrick Codenys (Front242) and DJ Eric Powa ( will present a Workshop about electronic music - developing the computer approach, formats, softwares and some practical production features. From the basics to more specialized themes, this Workshop is free of charge and will take place at the Ganshoren Cultural Centrum, Pl. Guido Gezelle 26, Brussels 1083 Ganshoren on 28 and 29th of July.

If you are interested, places are available. Inscriptions: Nathalie Vander Stucken
By phone: + 32 2 420 37 27 between 9 am and 4 pm
By email:

RED SNIPER news update 3/07/2011 21:39:24
Red Sniper is an underground performance art group based in Brussels that began as an inter-disciplinary project for controversial visual artist Kendell Geers and Patrick Codenys of Front 242. Working from the strength of their individual discipline and knowledge base to construct,deconstruct and reconstruct images and sounds. The moving image is edited sonically, the image then re-edited visually to fit the sound and finally the sounds are then deconstructed visually.The process is not unlike a game of chess or even a duel where neither the image nor the sound enjoys any particular precedence as both are open to play and can be abused by either player. The performance "Prototype" at the Centre Pompidou in Paris was the group’s first public appearance in 2003. The piece oscillates between television white noise, excerpts from the artists own work and body music. In part very beautiful and musical and in part an unrelenting assault on the senses and in part visual poetry.The visual and the sonic compete for the viewers attention in a battle of the media.

Date: July 7. 2011 - 21:00 CET

SYNTHIEPOP news update 18/11/2010 12:12:07
Dirk Horst, born in 1971, is committed to Synthpop, with a penchant for soul, rock and old German Schlager. Dirk Horst composes and writes for his musical project Theriak and in parallel he writes poems and stories. He contributed some tracks for Depeche Mode tribute samplers, produces remixes for other bands and has been closely involved with the Synthpop scene in Germany over the last two decades.

The simple fact that there was no book about Synthpop brought him to write one.

At first glance, Synthpop seams to be cold and untouchable. But it is not; Synthpop is warm and full of emotions.

The book, "Synthiepop – die gefühlvolle Kälte – Geschichten des Synthiepop", tells the exciting history of Synthpop, written by protagonists like Human League, Kraftwerk, New Order or Depeche Mode.
It starts in the late 70s until today, going from new wave to EBM and from dark wave to future pop. Always exciting and informative writing, interspersed with anecdotes and experiences of the author.
The book also features over sixty short biographies of the most important bands, technical backgrounds, etc.

SYNTHIEPOP is a comprehensive reference book (available in German only) for anyone who is interested in the electronic music scene.

MOMENTS IN BUDAPEST NOW IN STOCK news update 19/04/2010 22:01:32
The latest Moments in Budapest DVD is in stock. Pre-orders have been shipped last week and new orders are downloaded daily and processed on a first-in-first-out serve basis.
FRONT 242 STRIKE BACK WITH MOMENTS IN BUDAPEST news update 12/03/2010 17:39:45


TRANSMISSION 242 is proud to announce the release of a new live DVD footage MOMENTS IN BUDAPEST. Caught at the end of the 2008 Vintage tour, MOMENTS IN BUDAPEST brings an exceptional performance in an exceptional setting, the Sportmax 2, Budapest.

It was time to make another DVD. It had been a while and the band had some good material. FRONT 242 rolled film on their first appearance ever in Hungary since their ascent in 1981. With a ferocious energy the band is known for, they bring you a brilliant set of their re-designed sounds.

The Hungarian crowd was great, the sound was perfect, the band had a blast. We hope you get a kick out of this.

The 81-minutes live footage features all time classics Happiness, Religion, Take One, Moldavia, Funkahdafi, Together, Welcome To Paradise, Commando Mix, Loud, Don’t Crash, No Shuffle, Masterhit, Triple X Girlfriend, Lovely Day, Im Rhythmus Bleiben, Headhunter, Circling Overland, Punish Your Machine and also includes an interview and a gallery of photos.

Since the DVD is a limited edition with release date April 30. 2010, we give you the chance to pre-order your copy.

Check out the sections 242 DVD and 242 T-SHIRTS in the online TRANSMISSION 242 SHOP!

The brand new and exclusive Package deal T-shirt won’t be available separately!

The 100 first pre-order buyers will receive some TRANSMISSION 242 extras….to discover….

Thanks to all of you for showing up and for your continued support.
MOMENTS IN BUDAPEST TRAILER news update 21/03/2010 23:11:21

JEUX DE MASSACRE - GEOMETRY FOR THE EARS news update 29/03/2009 19:29:29

JEUX DE MASSACRE questions the relation between the reality of death and the death of reality.

Through different means of expression, Pascal Bernier (visual artist), Harun Farocki (film director) and Patrick Codenys (musician), take a critical view of the strategy of mass violence in our society. A virtual and cosmetic violence entering into the military field.

Far from any morality, but without falling into cynicism, the exhibition JEUX DE MASSACRE deconstructs this contradiction by assemblages, collages and soundscapes.

The work of the three artists confronts the visitor with an ambiguous sentiment of fascination and repulsion and questions the limits of tolerance and intolerance, the factual and the virtual, in what is our symbolic relation to death and violence.

GEOMETRY FOR THE EARS challenges the confrontation of the silence of the old industrial site of Grand Hornu with oscillations, frequencies and musical pieces.

The arena of this monumental space will be the fascinating setup for Art & Strategy’s (Patrick Codenys and Daniel B.) sculptural sound performance in 8.1. surround.

MAC's - Musée des Arts Contemporains de la Communauté françause de Belgique

Site du Grand Hornu
Rue Sainte-Louise 82
Boussu (Hornu)

Exhibition: Until 30.06.2009 Tues. to Sun. from 10 am to 6 pm
Performance: 26.06.2009 – Starts 6:30 pm – Performance 9 pm
Entrance: 10,00 € (includes museum visit – reservation required)

Tel: + 32 (0)65 65 21 21
GPS Position: N 50° 26' 05.94" – E 03° 50' 15.32"

IN THE MOOD FOR 242? news update 17/05/2009 19:02:24

LIVE & NEW MERCHANDISE news update 5/03/2009 22:43:33

Check out the updated 242 “Live Calendar”, the new “242 hooded sweaters” and the “live album of Modern Cubism”, now available in the 242 T-shirts and collections section of the Transmission 242 shop

LOUDER! BACKSTAGE WITH...FRONT 242 news update 30/09/2008 17:19:59

The Bulletin_18. September 2008_PM Doutreligne

Take out your ear plugs and crank up the volume. As of this week, we get down and dirty with bands, giving you the lowdown on the latest gossip, interviews and reviews from the rockin’ music world

It’s no exaggeration to list Front 242 in a line of electro pioneers which includes Kraftwerk, Cabaret Voltaire and Chris & Cosey. Dressed in quasi-military attire, wearing shades and – lest we forget the music – mixing electronic drums with suffocating bass lines and bleak lyrics, Front 242 left most early-Eighties critics baffled; interviews and promo shoots were scarce – who were these scary, unconventional Belgians? If Depeche Mode and Human League were by now the poster boys for ‘accessible’ electronic music, Front 242 certainly weren’t making life easy for themselves with their singular attitude or song titles like Commando Mix or Special Forces. Yet the band quickly acquired a cult following, first in Europe, then in America where they signed a deal with Chicago’s seminal Wax Trax! label. And while lazy hacks were still debating the group’s image, their single Take One became a hit in Detroit’s black and gay clubs! 1984’s No Comment album saw Front 242 become the frontrunners of a new genre now universally known as electronic body music. With each release, the band developed a more physical sound and gained more high-profile admirers. Bands such as Ministry and Nine Inch Nails as well as techno pioneer Frankie Knuckles were committed fans, as was photographer Anton Corbijn, who directed videos for the band’s two most successful singles, 1988’s Headhunter and 1990’s Tragedy For You. While their self-produced studio work was praised by many, their concerts took it one step further, throwing striking visuals and live mixing into the equation. Small wonder, then, that it was the lure of reworking their songs in a live setting that ended the band’s mid-Nineties hiatus. “Playing live has put us back on track,” says keyboard player Patrick Codenys, “it has a therapeutic element which allows us to rediscover ourselves.” Moments..., Front 242’s brand new ‘live greatest hits’ album, is certainly a case in point. Recorded at various venues in 2006 and 2007, it shows the band (augmented by live drummer Tim Kroker) at the top of their game, with vocalists Jean-Luc De Meyer and Richard 23 at their most ferocious. From U-Men to Moldavia, from Welcome To Paradise to Im Rhythmus Bleiben, this collection demonstrates not only the sheer brilliance of what is arguably Belgium’s most influential band ever, but also their ability to adapt to different audiences, from Belgian festivals to sold-out Spanish clubs. As Codenys explains, “Spanish crowds are already dancing before we’ve hit the first note, while in northern Europe people are more analytical about our music. It has always been one of Belgium’s strengths to channel many different currents and come up with a melting-pot.” Amen to that.


THEY'RE COMING DOWN FOR YOU WITH MOMENTS news update 4/07/2008 2:42:00

In the past 20 years, the use of computers has drastically transformed music production; in this way, creation is totally integrated thanks to user-friendly technology.

FRONT 242 come from a different era, when working with electronic music was difficult. The machines were hostile and humans needed to interact strongly with synthesizers to master their art. Music required discipline.

After years of digital “über alles”, analogue synthesizers and technology have made a comeback. Aware of a time where research and sound design was important, new brands have emerged and some older synthesizer brands refined the analogue technology on contemporary synthesizers, with modern components and a sophisticated sound.

FRONT 242 decided to re-load their old analogue sequences into this new generation of synthesizers. They carefully re-designed all the sounds to match the spirit of their time.

The result was shown during a worldwide “Vintage Tour” that is still running today.

To satisfy the fans insatiable hunger for live thrills and the curiosity of numerous listeners who are interested in the early electronic music atmosphere; FRONT 242 release an exceptional “Live” recording encompassing the very best of their compositions.

Grasp the exclusive chance to relive these “Moments…” or to pretend if you’ve never had the opportunity to live the “Moments…” and check out the sections “242 Collections” and "242 T-shirts" in the online Transmission 242 shop!

A brand new and exclusive Vintage “Kommando” Remix T-shirt is available separately or in a package deal offer. Check out the section “242 T-shirts”.

The 100 first package deal buyers will receive a unique most wanted 242-membership card, valid FOREVER….
As from the 101st buyer other goodies for free.

Moments…” will not be available in regular retail shops at the time of e-release.

More release news soon….

In the meantime, spread the word and enjoy “Moments…” with us for your very own private collection!

TRAVAILLEUR EN TRANCE news update 22/06/2008 20:16:58

Daniel B. did a high-end dynamic mastering and remix work for the new album "Cobra Coded Escalation" by the German "Neo-EBM" act Travailleur En Trance (TET). Latest new CD and first CD for sale now in our shop.
Check them out:
Record company

TOUS CONTRAINTS, TOME I news update 20/03/2008 21:07:04

"Tous Contraints, tome I : réécritures oulipiennes de textes célèbres" est le premier recueil poétique format bookleg de la main de Jean-Luc De Meyer.

Derrière le titre un rien alambiqué se cachent une trentaine de lipogrammes - ou textes à contraintes - dans lesquels l’auteur, à l’instar de nombreux oulipiens, se prive volontairement de certaines lettres (souvent le « e ») pour réécrire à sa facétieuse manière des textes illustres de la langue française tels que des fables de la Fontaine, du Baudelaire, du Rimbaud, du Corneille, des extraits de la Bible et même du Brassens.

Le bookleg est disponible à la vente dans toutes les bonnes librairies de Belgique qui diffusent Maelström (Tropismes, Filigranes, Yeux Gourmands…), ou via le site web de Maelström - Editions en réévolution. Maelström fait partie du réseau de RéÉvolution Poétique!


news update 21/01/2008 17:57:19

Front 242 lost one of their greatest German fans but also a very appreciated friend: Niels Fischborn.
He will always be remembered…

DOCUMENTARY news update 28/03/2008 14:43:45