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Tranik Ind.
Front 242
Revolting Cocks
Holy Gang

1_Revolting Cocks (RevCo)

Al Jourgensen (Ministry), Luc Van Acker and Richard 23 founded Revolting Cocks as a musical side-project in 1985. Together they released the 12" "No Devotion" and the album "Big Sexy Land" on Wax Trax records.

2_Holy Gang
:: // C Me

Back in 1994, Richard 23 teamed up with engineer / programmer Jean-Pierre Everaerts and La Muerte vocalist Marc Du Marais to release a nine-track mini-album “Free Tyson Free” featuring punchy computer generated tracks built from vocal sound-bites and screaming guitars.

:: // C Me

In 2000, Richard and Jean-Pierre Everaerts (with whom he worked on the Holy Gang mini-album) launched a new project that was best described as . LaTchak released two singles “If This Is Love” and “Car Wash” - a cover taken from the classic disco track from the 70’ movie of the same name - each containing different remixes.

:: // C Me

Richard 23 and Patrick Codenys are presenting a live DJ set based on their 20 years of electronic music experience. This project called Coder23 gathers a large range of electronic tracks along with exclusive remixes and live sampling. The result keeps the spirit and reputation of Front 242: efficient and powerful.