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Front 242
Male or Female (MorF)
Speed Tribe

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Ashbury Faith
Channel Zero
Cobalt 60
Funker Vogt
Jason Rawhead
Juno Reactor
La Muerte
Ozark Henry
Parade Ground
Project Pitchfork
Sabotage QCQC
Talla 2XLC
Travailleur En Trance
The Weathermen

1_Male Or Female
:: // C Me

After the simultaneous releases of the album "Recalled Moments" and the EP "… And Failed Destruction" in 2002, Male Or Female ended the trilogy with the release of the album "Invented Scenes" in January 2003.
MorF brings catchy ambient, moving sound sculptures and compelling hypnotic moments through to uplifting aggressive tracks and captivating vocals.

2_Speed Tribe
:: // C Me

Speed Tribe is an audio-visual exploration of the 24-hour race at Le Mans, an annual motor sport pilgrimage in France. It blends elements of music videos and experimental documentaries with contemporary electronic rhythms and soundscapes.

The film is 48 minutes long and consists of two parts: a 24-minute cinematic portrayal of the event; and a second 24-minutes, an ambient, hard-hitting and experimental audio-visual remix. Each film showcases the heightened spirit of competition, the sensationalism of rivalries and loyalties, the weaponry of technology and teamwork, and the epic emotions of victory and defeat.

The audio includes sound bytes from the event that are integrated with complex rhythms and textures into the mix, resulting in a compelling soundtrack that augments the emotional roller coaster of the event. The audio also pushes 5.1 surround sound to its very limit, with an aggressive aesthetic that both challenges and envelopes the audience.

The audio and the visual elements were created in parallel, rather than sequentially (as is the norm for music videos or films) with the audio & visual teams sending sequences back & forth during the course post production. The result is a truly integrated audio-visual experience, an evolution of the convergence of sound and image.

Speed Tribe is packaged as a double disc product, a 60-minute music CD and a DVD that contains both Dolby Digital 5.1 and DTS surround sound formats. The DVD's extra features include the ability to switch dynamically between the two films, the ability to play the two films back to back in a sequential loop; and three high-profile driver interviews.